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No matter what type of family law case you have, we works to resolve your case through a process that works for you and your family. We uses different resolution methods, technology, and years of experience to get your case to the finish line in a way that is smart for you and your family.


This is the “traditional” way that couples achieve divorce. It is an adversarial approach where spouses/parents are rivals against each other. The court system is used to settle the disputes between a couple, which can include, issues involving property, support and children.  In addition, most of the time, decisions on issues in each of these areas is made by someone different.

Collaborative Law

The collaborative process allows couples to focus on the goals and interests they have for themselves and their children and to work together on the best way to achieve those goals. Both parties must agree to use the collaborative process and retain a collaboratively trained attorney. The couple and their collaborative attorneys meet regularly to work through the divorce related issues.


Mediation is a process involving a neutral third party who assists a couple in reaching an agreement on divorce related matters. The mediator does NOT make decisions for a couple, but helps focus the conversation. If a couple successfully reaches an agreement, a memorandum of understanding is prepared of the terms, which can then be incorporated into a final marriage settlement agreement and/or custody agreement. This process is private and the timing is controlled by the parties.


Family law arbitration is similar to mediation. However, if the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the arbitrator will make a decision, which can be binding, depending on the arbitration terms agreed to preliminarily. The arbitration is conducted outside of court, and the parties have more control over the process.

Unfortunately, despite the benefits, you cannot force your spouse into the arbitration process. The process begins once both parties agree to take their case out of the court system and into arbitration.


Negotiation is an out of court process between parties and attorneys to resolve family law issues without going to trial. The negotiation process can involve a series of letters between attorneys with offers and counter-offers and/or in person meetings with attorneys and clients. The biggest drawback with this approach is that without a skilled mediator or arbitrator, the communication patterns that a couple has experienced throughout the decline of their relationship may inhibit productive negotiations. Direct negotiation without the involvement of attorneys is also not generally successful for this reason.

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